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When DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a colourless 3-carbon sugar, is applied to the skin a chemical reaction with amino acids in the surface cells
of the skin occurs. A browning, or tanning, effect is produced.

This depending on how well the tan is maintained and your skin type, typically lasts between 5-7 days.

It doesn’t wash off, it fades as the upper layers of the epidermis sheds. You can help speed up this process by exfoliating.

Milk works great as a tan remover. The lactic acid in milk helps break down the left-over spray tan. It is a great way to remove the spray tan as it’s gentle on the skin and it’s a natural skin exfoliant. Place some milk in a bowl and dip your exfoliating mitt into the milk and start exfoliating using large circular movements. You will see that stubborn tan being removed easily!

This is our most asked question! Spray tanning has come a long way since the early days of tanning, better solutions, machines, training and spray tan technology virtually eliminates these issues. Streaky and orange tans are a thing of the past!

We suggest 2 days before your big night out or special event.

Yes, but we suggest not using a shaving cream as this will sometimes contain lanolin which will block your tan from fully developing. Soap and water would be fine and shave 24-48 hours prior to tanning.
We suggest you should wax/laser at least 2 days before having a spray tan to avoid the spray getting into your pores, which are freshly open after waxing/laser.
NO. It’s entirely up to you. If you don’t want to get naked, we suggest you wear old dark underwear or bikini. We also keep a range of disposable underwear available for you to use.
No, but bronzer will transfer onto your sheets and clothing generally the first day so wear something dark and always loose fitting. If you are concerned about your bed, either change your sheets or put down a towel. If you sleep in your tan often, you can purchase specialized sleeping bags such as a TanSac.
NO. We have an amazing clear solution we use for brides, it goes on clear and washes off clear, eliminates the risk of tan transferring on to the dress.
YES. It is MUCH safer than exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful rays or lying in a tanning bed, and you still get that fabulous tanned look. DHA has been approved by the FDA for use in the personal care industry for over 30 years. No adverse effects have been reported other than minor skin irritations on allergic people. Allergic reactions are extremely rare and if you have experienced allergic reactions to self-tanning or other beauty products please arrange a skin patch test first.
DHA (the active tanning ingredient) is a non-hazardous compound and causes no adverse reaction in moderate quantities when applied
topically or even ingested. DHA has been used as a diet supplement in sports nutrition and is non-carcinogenic.
YES. You can, but you need to remember that spray tan, whilst it looks gorgeous, does not give you any protection from the sun. For outdoor tanning, we recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Remember that the sun dries your skin out, reducing the longevity of your spray tan.

YES. Lots of people have a Professional Spray Tan before their beach holiday, so they can start off looking tanned and gorgeous from day one!
I love my tan, thank you so much! The colour is amazing, I don’t want it to fade I want it to last forever!

Really happy with the colour, I didn’t want anything too dark, just didn’t want to look as white as my dress. My eyes look bright blue now I have some colour. And I received so many compliments, thank you!


WOW, I look like I’ve just come back from holiday, can’t stop looking in the mirror haha. Feeling good!


This was my first ever spray tan and all I can say is it won’t be my last, AMAZING!




So happy with my tan, Jules put me at ease she was really friendly. I was a bit nervous at first but we had a chat before we got started and felt brave to bare my white body. Was worried what the colour would turn out like but it looks so natural and everyone at work loved it. I imagined it looking like the tan out of a fake tan bottle but it’s nothing like that, it’s so even and brown, no tango look! Wish I tried it years ago!


I have booked with Jules twice and would highly recommend, she does the best spray tans and the tan has a lovely mango scent. You have a client for life! xx


Thank you my tan looks so natural and I have a spring in my step now I have a lovely tan, roll on summer so I can show it off more! 😊


Love the colour, friendly service, I will book again!

BEST spray tan ever (and I’ve had a few!!).
Thank you! My spray tan looks absolutely stunning!
It looks great – so happy with it and NO orange!! Thank you! xx
Thanks for making me look gorgeous on my special day, no tan stains either! Wedding pics look great with our tans.
Amazing! Thank you so much!!! Absolutely love the tan!
My tan looks AMAZING! Thank you sooooo much! I feel so confident when I’m tanned and the colour looks so natural. You’re a tanning superstar!
Natural and flawless tan, received so many lovely comments at my daughters wedding.